Affirm the clients decision to buy

Careful not to over promise, many professionals miss opportunities for lack of assuring the prospective client of their firms ability to deliver.  You may be reserved in your manner, but that does not mean you shouldn’t be passionate about the capabilities of your firm and its fit with the client organization.  Everybody seeks to be affirmed in their decision to buy.  That’s your job.

If you believe the client is making a good choice by selecting your team and your firm, tell them so.  If you don’t believe in your products and services, why should the client?


Sell Conviction

The candidate scored high on sociability and was clearly a people person, but she scored low on the expressive scale.  The CEO wanted to know, ‘how can that be?’ Aren’t extroverts naturally expressive?

Building client relationships and influencing the client to buy are two very different skills.  One is about connection and the other is about conviction.

Having a strong relationship with a client is great, but it won’t amount to much if you aren’t absolutely convinced that the client should do business with your firm and buy its products and services.  There is a key moment in the consultative and relationship-based sales process, right before the close, when the client must be reassured that doing business with your firm is absolutely the right thing to do.  That moment pivots solely on you. Be bold.


Selling work

…is so hard.

…and it’s not my responsibility.

Believe it or not, that’s the push back managing partners are getting from partners and directors regarding business development.

Resistance like this has more to do with attitude than it does capability.  The unwillingness to call on existing or prospective clients and engage in a discussion around their business needs and objectives usually has a lot to do with low sociability, low assertiveness or lack of client focus.

The partners who sell work best are those who are motivated and energized by helping their clients succeed.  Focusing on the client helps overcome debilitating self-consciousness.