Meet Lamar Hamilton, MA

President of Core Vision, Inc.
Trusted Advisor.
Business Owner.
Lamar has been around the block. For nearly 25 years Lamar Hamilton has advised senior partners and executives, helping them gain genuine insight into leadership effectiveness, team selection and strategic planning. With a Masters Degree in theology and leadership, certifications in leadership performance and competency modeling, Lamar certainly has the technical credentials. But, equally important are his real-life business experience and a personal coaching style that is constructive, candid, sincere and passionate about achieving tangible results.
Lamar didn’t grow up in an ivory tower. From his beginnings on the family grain farm to starting and building a successful, national professional services practice, he brings real business experience. Lamar has developed and operated an upscale/casual fish and steak grille restaurant and hotel. Lamar helps partners and executives get real with a customized approach to looking objectively at issues and not the politics of the situation. Helping executives find that "AHA!" moment is what Lamar’s coaching is all about. Finding clarity in the issue at hand, defining a sound solution and leveraging the right skills to execute effectively–that’s how Lamar helps people succeed and get results.
Lamar started speaking around the age of one. He actually got paid for speaking for the first time when he was just thirteen. Public speaking is a passion for Lamar Hamilton. He’s been the featured speaker at industry conferences and corporate meetings across the U.S. and around the world. Lamar is the perfect keynote speaker for a leadership conference or executive retreat. He can customize his leadership message to your meeting theme and make it memorable.
A friend once told Lamar he should write a book. Lamar did. His book, "Player-Coach Leader, Leverage The Talent Around You" exemplifies Lamar’s depth of understanding of being an effective leader. His book deals with the core elements that leaders can use to sustain and grow an organization. He addresses how to take a disciplined approach to change, how to build teams and how, as a leader, to build a following.