Leaders Remove Process Barriers

You just boarded the plane with coffee in hand, stashed your bags overhead, and the pilot announces, “we have a minor maintenance item, then we’ll be on our way.”

Now, anyone who depends on the airlines for their daily commute knows that when it comes to aircraft mechanics, nothing is minor. The repair might be minor, but the process of getting mechanics to the aircraft, followed by the arduous task of completing FAA paper work, is no minor event.

This is when I stand up, grab my bags and exit the plane (I have found this only works if the aircraft is still at the gate). It’s a pre-made decision based on my experience, and it usually serves me well.

As much as possible, free your people from red tape that turns a minor task into a complex, over engineered, brain numbing process that smothers morale and productivity. Your clients will love you for it, too.


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