Elevating Potential

The art of confronting performance is the ability to analyze talent and taking the time to help people tap into their full talent capability.  This is a critical first step defined in the 5 Coach Actions of the Player-Coach Leader® model.

Spotting latent talent in people involves the daily practice of intentional observation.  Leaders often become consumed with busy work, meetings and administrative tasks.  It’s tempting to rationalize busyness.  That’s largely because being busy is the easier path; however, it’s the path that yield’s the least in relation to future talent and ensuring that you have the right team down the road.

Leaders are in the people business.  The great ones understand that paying attention to who they have around them is job one.

Take stock of how much quality time you dedicate to thinking deeply about the people around you and how they’re doing.  Next, tell them what you’ve observed.  If they could do better, let them know.  If they’re knocking it out of the park, thank them and encourage them to keep it up.


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