Trusted Recommender

I’ve heard it said that we are no longer in the information age; we are in the recommender age.  Google is the best example of this reality.

A national tax leader shared with me that he has made it a practice to connect his clients with third-party resources to solve problems outside the bounds of his expertise.  He knew that he would benefit from acting in the clients best interest, even if his firm didn’t realize revenue directly from that transaction.  In his view, this practice creates loyalty in the client. It sends a strong message to your client that you have their best interest at heart.

A few months ago a partner recommended me to his client and it resulted in a great contract for me.  The next time we met, I was impressed by how pleased he was for having made the recommendation. He explained, “When I connect my clients with a great resource, it strengthens my relationship with them.”

Be a trusted recommender.  It’s good for business and the soul.


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