Choose your clients carefully

You’ve got to be positive about people if you want to possess a strong client focus. Surround yourself with great clients and you’ll do well.  Attract the wrong clients and not even God can help you win.

If you’re a person whose skeptical about the motives and agenda of others, you may be suspect of ‘client-first’ policies and practices. Believe it or not, it’s the dominant, results-oriented professionals who fear being taken advantage of most.  The best way to counterbalance this tendency is to choose the right clients.  Select clients you can trust and enjoy helping succeed.

One more thought on being positive about people.  Giving others the benefit of the doubt, and taking the risk of being taken advantage of, makes life richer and more fulfilling.  Playing it safe is quite boring, actually.  Give your best to others and you have a high probability of getting their best in return.


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