5 Client Focus Traits

Client focus involves more than just regular contact with the client.  It is the ability to anticipate clients’ needs, develop creative solutions and support the delivery of products and services. And, of course, doing each of these in a way that exceeds client expectations.

Research indicates that there are five personality traits required for strong client focus.  They are:

1.  Insight for matching business offerings with client needs. Specifically, the natural ability to reflect and think broadly on client issues and objectives.

2.  Positive view of client intentions.  It is difficult to promote client-first policies and practices if you are skeptical of the client and feel they are going to take advantage of you.

3.  Assertive nature for effectively advocating for client-focused initiatives.  Those who have assertive personalities possess the ability to influence and direct others toward exceptional client service.

4.  High energy level for championing client-focused initiatives and delivering consistently on promises made.

5.  Personal commitment to valuing the client.  This trait is less about personality and more about attitude toward the client.  Do you value the client and find meaningful ways to express the appropriate level of appreciation for their business?


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