5 traits of top producers

The audit partner said with sincerity, “If I had known this job involved such a focus on sales, I would have chosen a different career.”

Most professionals find themselves being pressured to sell more work in this economy.  So, if you’re one of those people who prefer to deliver the work rather than making sales calls, what are you to do?

Consider emulating your peers for whom rain making comes natural. Find out how they do it and what drives them to succeed.  Then go and do likewise.  If you will interview them, here are a few things you might expect to learn.

1.  Relentless focus on the client, not on their feelings about prospecting

2.  Probing and getting the client to share information on their problems energizes them

3.  Confidence in their ability, and that of their team, to deliver a great solution permeates their persona

4.  Passion about their area of expertise that is convincing and influences the client to buy

5.  Genuine connection with key people in the client organization and demonstrating a sincere commitment to helping them succeed

You may also learn that the top producers are driven by fear. Fear is a good thing.  The fear of not being your best, not succeeding, or not delivering on commitments made to colleagues and family, keeps most of us productive when we want to quit.

No matter how you’re hard wired or what your personality, you can do these things as well.  Master them.


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