Explain things

If you will take the time to explain, people will be less inclined to complain.

A partner shared with me recently that he felt like he was running the complaint department.  Every phone call seemed to be someone sharing their disapproval or frustration with all the change, new procedures and how things weren’t working out like they thought.

Leading people through complex change or difficult times takes patience and a willingness to communicate why the actions being taken are necessary. Explaining what you need them to do and why it is important for them and the firm is probably the most important task of the leader.  Remember the old saying, “if you don’t give people information, they will create it.”  And, I might add, you may not like what they come up with.

After you have explained it once, explain it again.  And, again.

When people are sick of hearing you explain it and talk about it, you are about to get through to them.  So, explain on.


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