Porcupine personality

“If you will change, everything will change for you.”  Earl Shoaff

Some professionals have the porcupine effect on others.  An encounter with them will leave you with painful prickly quills,vowing to avoid them at all cost in the future.  Funny thing is, they often do not realize they’re so prickly or that people drift quietly away from them.  And, when they do have a glimpse of it, they’ll rationalize it away as the other persons problem.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you could be more effective and successful if only you had more competent people around you. Effectiveness and being surrounded with more capable people has more to do with you, than it does with them.

When it comes to attracting and leading high performing talent, remember this:

  • People over the “principle of the thing”
  • Factor in feelings or the facts won’t matter
  • Clothe every directive with empathy
  • Helping is more productive than determined inquisition

And, while we’re on the subject,  if you know you have a porcupine effect on colleagues and staff, just change.  Today!


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