Is your new initiative worthy of the best talent?

There is a time to act quickly, but it’s probably not when you’re bringing together a team on whom the success of the new initiative or venture will depend.

Getting the right people in the right role is no easy task. In fact, it is the most difficult part of launching a new venture or initiative. Yet, in an all-fired hurry to launch, leaders are prone to setting themselves up for failure by rushing through the selection of people.

Their rationalizations usually sound something like this:

1. These candidates were recommended by partners who know them well.

2. I’m really shrewd at spotting talent.

3. I worked with them at my last firm.

4. We just don’t have enough time to look for better talent.

Let me be honest with you. These are excuses for not giving this important task the appropriate time and thought it deserves. Research shows that this approach to selection results in a 15-30 percent chance of fit and success.

How important is the initiative you have undertaken? How critical is it that you succeed? Is it important enough to take the time to make sure you get the right people?

Give yourself a chance to succeed. Follow a disciplined process in your people selection.


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