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“Adaptability is not imitation.  It means power of resistance and assimilation”  Gandhi


The most frightening thing I’ve observed lately is an attitude of resignation.  Many professionals appear to have a ‘whatever will be will be’ view of the current economic difficulties.  Continue in that mindset and you are certain to lose.  In every adversity there is a gift of renewal, reinvention and growth. 


Adapt and prosper!


Adaptability means power of resistance.  To build up a resistance to something is to develop the ability to not be affected.  This is especially true of adverse or ambiguous  circumstances.  In tough economic times and crisis, adaptable business leaders develop the ability to overcome adverse conditions and find breakthrough solutions to problems.  They are resilient emotionally and versatile in their approach to challenges and opportunities.  


Adaptability means power of assimilation.  Those who adapt not only develop the ability to not be affected by adversity, they use the situation for the advantage and profit of their organization.  Changing conditions, even adverse conditions, are integrated and used for their benefit.  


Here are three performance metrics that determine success in adverse conditions:  


1.  Capacity.  Winning is determined by the quality and quantity of output of your team.  Increasing productivity and morale involves a combination of willingness to look at things differently and the capability to make adjustments for surviving and thriving.  Now is the time to increase personal and organizational capacity.  


2.  Appropriateness.   Take appropriate risk to leverage your competitive advantage. Think in terms of actions to be taken or arguments to be made that will have a positive impact on the situation and release creativity in your people.    


3.  Effectiveness.  Adaptable leaders embrace ambiguity confidently by asking, ‘what is required’ for us to succeed in the current economic realities?  What will work?  What will not work?  They are concerned primarily with the effectiveness of their team, their decisions and their plans.  


Coach your people to adapt, be their personal best and to win.  


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