Coaching In Challenging Times – Deloitte Senior Managers

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If you have a few minutes, watch this video of a presentation I gave to a group of 60 Deloitte Senior Managers and Partners…

Here are 6 tips that will enhance your leadership effectiveness, NOW!

1.  Ambiguity is the greatest risk you must help your people and organization manage through in times like these.  Two things to remember: 1) You cannot take away the ambiguity your people are experiencing, so free yourself from the need to fix it.  2)  Keep people busy.  Movement and action is the best way to overcome ambiguity because life is shaped by events.  

2.  Resist the need to manage tasks and focus on tactics alone.  Focus on your people…this will increase the probability of success more than anything else.  Jim Collins says, “If you cannot predict the What, you have to be able to do a good job with the Who, because the What is going to be constantly shifting.”

3.  Pay attention to what is motivating your people.  Their actions will be motivated by self-preservation, love, fear, revenge, recognition, money or any combination of the six.  Understanding a persons motivations will enable you to coach them toward the most constructive and positive outcomes.

4.  Adapt to the needs and objectives of those you’re trying to influence.  The best coaches have flexible attitudes toward change and people who are different than them.  

5.  Master the 3 Proven Secrets to retaining your top people (sorry, must watch video for these and they are worth the time).

6.  For maximum effectiveness in your coaching, be sincere!  Sincerity in your approach to coaching cannot be overstated.  People are constantly verifying their leaders intentions, authenticity and trustworthiness.  

Before you go, please let me know what the biggest challenge is you’re facing as a leader and manager of other people.  I look forward to reading and responding to your comments.  

Wishing you success!


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