The Magic of Change


The benefit of a crisis is the permission it gives leaders and managers to challenge “how we did it” in the past and make radical change.  But, successfully implementing change and surviving a crisis is not a given. 

Successful change, especially in a time of uncertainty, involves much more than deciding what to change or how different your approach might be. The real magic, according to Xerox CEO, Anne Mulcahy, is the support and commitment of your people.  

Take 2 minutes and listen to Anne Mulcahy describe the role of the people in the turnaround of Xerox.

Xerox CEO, Anne Mulcahy

These are times of extraordinary change and your people will be your greatest asset or your greatest liability.  Which will it be for you?

The most natural and sometimes easier thing to do is focus on the processes and tactical plans.  Bringing people along and motivating them can be difficult and sometimes draining.  But, the real magic is in creating committed followers who want you and the organization to succeed.  

Improve your probability of success during this crisis…

1.  Spend significant time talking to people about the state of the business.

2.  Demonstrate a genuine sense of optimism that you can survive and be successful into the future.

3.  Ask your people to give their best.  

4.  Inspire people to “sign up, roll up their sleeves and participate.”  

In the words of Anne Mulcahy, “If you’ve got your people behind you, you can come out of [crisis] much stronger.”


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